Produces and delivers high quality
feeds from hatching to harvest
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The first Halal organic diet for
weight management.
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Development of concepts & products

Innovation & Nutrition

Innovation & Nutrition with halal certification

Produces and delivers high quality feeds from hatching to harvest.
I & N continuously focuses on innovation in order to supply feed types stemming from the most recent research. The production of fish and shrimp feed is made in an environment-friendly approach.


The BIO FIVE range of feeds is the last revolution in aquaculture. The products are organic, and the principal raw material is chelated for maximum digestibility of all nutrients.

Chelation ensures digestible absorption of 95% of all nutrients and therefore comparable to absorption levels of nutrients found in zooplankton, live artemia or live rotifers.

As a result our BIO FIVE range easily blends well with artemia use. BIO FIVE contains many nutrients such as high hufa levels, pigments, anti oxidants, vitamins, and minerals and of course proteins from high biological sources